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SuperPark Singapore: The Ultimate Guide to Heart-Pumping Fun

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All You Need to Know About SuperPark Singapore

1. What makes SuperPark Singapore special?

What makes SuperPark Singapore special?

SuperPark is an exciting indoor activity park that’s fit for visitors of all ages. Here at this unique, purpose-built space, visitors can let loose and enjoy a plethora of thrilling activities and experiences either by themselves or with friends and family.

Singapore’s SuperPark first opened its doors in 2018 and is currently owned and managed by DreamUs Group, a Singapore-based provider of interactive play experiences.

2. Where is SuperPark Singapore located?

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The park is currently located at the Suntec City Mall, (North Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Tower 1, 038983). It is open seven days a week with longer operating hours on weekends, public holidays, and during the school holidays period.

3. How big is SuperPark Singapore?

How big is SuperPark Singapore?

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If you thought that SuperPark was just a modest indoor playground, think again. This thrilling activity space at Suntec City Mall spans 40,000 sq ft and occupies two storeys, providing endless fun and ways to expand your energy when you visit.

Attractions at the park are split into multiple different themed zones, each with their own unique experiences and rides. Since reopening in 2022 after temporary closure the year before, the Singapore outlet has many new attractions revamped playzones too!

4. How long can you stay in SuperPark Singapore?

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With so much to see and do, most people wonder how long they can stay in SuperPark Singapore. The answer to that is a little tricky. While the SuperPark opening hours in Singapore are from 9am (10:30am on school days) to 9pm (8pm on school days), admissions are based on several two-hour time slots throughout the day, subject to availability.

Despite having just 2-hour play sessions, there’s still plenty that you can see and do when you visit.

An itinerary of things to do at SuperPark Singapore: 

1) Unleash your inner child at the Adventure Zone. Here at this child-friendly zone, you can partake in a variety of thrilling activities, such as hopping on a tube slide, taking a ride on a pedal car, or ziplining across a mini-flying fox course.

2) Complete the Ninja Track course. Ever wanted to be like those athletes on Ninja Warrior or Wipeout? Now you can at the fun but challenging Ninja Track course at SuperPark.

As you navigate the obstacle course, you’ll need to rely on your agility, strength and guile to successfully get to the end. There’s an easier version for kids, too.

3) Sweat it out at the Game Arena. At this sports-oriented activity zone, visitors can pick from a variety of sports-centric activities to engage in, such as archery, street basketball, and baseball batting. You could also play a game of Street Soccer at the Freestyle Hall.

4) Play a few games of Superball with your friends. One of the signature games at SuperPark Singapore, Superball is essentially dodgeball except the target is the opponent’s goal.The goal is to outscore your opponents before time is up.

5) Engage in some VR-oriented games. While Suntec City’s SuperPark is essentially a massive indoor activity park, it also relies on cutting-edge technology to make its attractions stand out. At games like iWall and Valo Jump, you can get your body moving while using the screen in front of you to keep score.

6) Show off your skills at FreeStyle Hall. The Freestyle Hall’s Skate and Scoot World and trampoline platform is great for all those who just want to let loose and express themselves.

7) Challenge yourself with a wall climb. SuperPark is one of the few indoor spaces in Singapore that offers wall climbs of various levels of difficulty. The SuperClimb has three difficulty levels and even first-timers can join in the fun.

There’s also an AR-enabled wall-climb that will have you scramble to complete mini games as you get to the top.

Whatever you fancy, there’s something for everyone at SuperPark Singapore.

5. How much do SuperPark Singapore tickets cost?

How much do SuperPark Singapore tickets cost?

SuperPark Singapore Ticket Prices

Ticket prices may vary. Please click here for updated prices.

As mentioned above, admission to SuperPark is for a two-hour session. We suggest booking online to reserve your slot early and to avoid disappointment. But what exactly can you expect when it comes to SuperPark Singapore’s price?

Do take note that excluding the SuperPark price, guests will also need to purchase a pair of SuperPark grip socks when they enter. These cost SGD 3.5 each and are sold at the entrance.

Once your booking is confirmed, click here to secure a timeslot booking before your visit. Each prior timeslot booking is available up to 2 months in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the waiver for SuperPark?

Before you get your thrill on, those who are at least 18 years old must first fill in and complete a waiver form for safety reasons.

To prevent yourself from getting injured, it’s best to stick to the rules of each activity and play zone.

Where to park at Suntec for SuperPark Singapore?

For the easiest access, we recommend those who are driving to Suntec City Mall to park at the North Wing if they plan on visiting SuperPark.

Which MRT Station is near Suntec City Mall?

Alternatively, if you’re heading to SuperPark Singapore via public transport, we suggest taking a train to the City Hall (EW13/NS25) or Esplanade (CC3) station. From there, simply walk through City Link Mall and then Esplanade Exchange to get to SuperPark Singapore.

You could also hop aboard the Downtown [Blue] public bus line and stop off at Promenade (DT15). Suntec City Mall is just a short walk away.

What is the minimum age for SuperPark Singapore?

There is technically no age limit. Toddlers and kids are most welcome, provided there’s an adult to look after them. Proof of birth may be required at the front desk when purchasing your tickets.

Do take note that certain attractions have a minimum height requirement though.

How much do the SuperPark socks cost?

A pair of SuperPark grip socks costs SGD3.50. They must be worn at all times during your two-hour session for safety reasons.

What should I wear to SuperPark?

For the best experience, we recommend visiting SuperPark Singapore in comfortable clothing that is suitable for sports and athletic activities.

Do you need to wear shoes at SuperPark?

Before entering the park, all visitors are required to remove their shoes and put on the SuperPark grip socks.

Where can I store my valuables at SuperPark Singapore?

Each visitor will be provided a locker for two and a half hours upon entering the play park. You will be able to access this locker for an unlimited amount of times during your session.

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