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Museum of Ice Cream Singapore: All You Need to Know

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Museum of Ice Cream Singapore Tickets

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The Museum of Ice Cream Singapore (MOIC) explores and celebrates what the delicious cold dessert can do for every aspect of life.

There’s also the tongue-in-cheek Museum of Ice Cream review of history, the past retold in an interactive and fun way, of course. Prepare to learn more about their yummy secrets through this guide.

1. What is the Museum of Ice Cream?

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This multi-sensory museum serves both as an archive and a gallery that celebrates everyone’s favourite cold dessert: ice cream.

The sweet, creamy dessert takes centre stage, as every installation inside features things we love about ice cream. From pools made with sprinkles to amazing, colourful environments inspired by sweet toppings, the museum looks to evoke the joys of childhood nostalgia while creating new memories at the same time.

2. What can I see inside the Museum of Ice Cream?

What can I see inside the Museum of Ice Cream?

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The museum celebrates the chilly dessert by creating highly imaginative installations about it. Whether you’re visiting with friends or family, the museum gives a newfound appreciation for the dessert. Here are some of the museum’s fantastic exhibits:

  • Museum of Modern Ice Cream: Start your tour of the museum by creating your own chilled sweet treat.
  • Playspace: This dragon-themed unicorn playground has the colour pink all over and is a Singapore-exclusive. Be sure to swing on the giant bananas and cherries!
  • Banana Split: Pink and yellow bananas form the archway of this tunnel, creating quite a whimsical visual.
  • Scream’s Diner: Think of a retro diner with a booming jukebox and chequered flooring but make it pink!

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    • California Dreamin’: Relax inside this pink beach under the shade trees and a sandcastle.
    • Ice Cream Maze: This illuminated space isn’t only pretty to look at, it also smells delicious. You’ll definitely have fun navigating through these spilled ice cream cones.
    • Potong Land: Take a photo with the giant version of potong ice cream, a Singaporean classic dessert here!
    • Inflatable: Unleash the inner child in you by bouncing around inside this huge inflatable.
    • MOIC Sprinkle Pool: Plunge into a pool filled with giant sprinkles.
    • Bouncy Castle: there’s no better place to unleash your inner kid at the Museum of Ice Cream’s pretty-in-pink bouncy castle.

Apart from the exhibits, the Museum of Ice Cream also has a bar and restaurant. In any case, MOIC will make sure your dates are as sweet as their ice cream!

3. Is there really any ice cream inside the Museum of Ice Cream?

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Of course, MOIC has ice cream and guess what, scoops are unlimited! Some of the exhibits will feature a unique chilly treat, such as a soft serve in Screamin’ Diner, or a rich serving of potong ice cream in Potong Land. From soft serve to ice cream sandwiches, MOIC will make sure your visit is tasty!

4. How much are Museum of Ice Cream tickets?

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Admission to the museum will differ depending on when you’ll visit. On weekdays, admission to the museum costs SGD40.

Rates during weekends, the eve of public holidays, and public holidays cost SGD46. Day ticket holders can enjoy the museum as early as 10am up to 5pm.

Rates also differ when visiting the museum after dark. Weeknight admission costs SGD50Weekends, eve of public holidays, and public holidays cost SGD56. Night ticket holders can enter the museum starting from 6pm until 8pm.

Do note that you can only reserve tickets online (you can also apply a Museum of Ice Cream promo code, should you have one). Just make sure to book weekend dates as early as you can: they run out quite fast. And oh, take note that the museum does not operate on Mondays.

If for whatever reason you can’t make a visit to MOIC, here’s a list of free museums in Singapore you can check out.




5. How much time do I need to visit the Museum of Ice Cream?

How much time do I need to visit the Museum of Ice Cream?

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It doesn’t really take long to enjoy MOIC’s attractions but it’s totally understandable if you stay longer! It only takes an hour or two to scour the entire museum but they have activities inside which can be enjoyed with friends for hours.

6. How do I get to the Museum of Ice Cream?

How do I get to the Museum of Ice Cream?

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You can visit the museum at its address: 100 Loewen Road, Singapore 248837. There’s no nearby MRT stations as of now. Driving directly or using a car-hailing app is the fastest way to get to the museum.

Reaching the museum by bus is also another option. Bus numbers 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, and 174 pass by the closest to CSC Dempsey Clubhouse. This bus stop is the nearest to MOIC. From the bus stop, it’s a 10-minute walk to the museum.

Frequently asked questions

When did the Museum of Ice Cream open in Singapore?

Museum of Ice Cream in Singapore opened last August 2021, so this fun place is still new!

Are there any other MOIC branches?

Yes. MOIC currently has five branches all over the world. The first is located in New York City. There’s also a branch in Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois, and of course, Singapore. The latest branch opened in Shanghai last 2022.

What should I wear inside the MOIC?

There are a few light physical activities in the museum so wear comfortable clothes. If you can’t stand too much cold, it is also advised to bring something warm like a sweater or a jacket. A spare change of clothes is also a good idea, just in case the ice cream spills!

Can I take photos inside the MOIC?

You definitely can! Do note that photography accessories such as tripods and monopods are prohibited.

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