Healing from a Heartbreak? Here’s Why Bali is the Place to Be!

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Places in Bali

Awe-inspiring landscapes, fascinating sacred rituals, and endless travel opportunities – no wonder people find refuge in a place like Bali, Indonesia. Given these reasons, Bali has been known to cater to travellers from all backgrounds. And we mean everyone. From people who crave the usual Southeast Asian backpacking route, to those who seek something much, much deeper. Say, the chance to mend a broken heart à la Elizabeth Gilbert of memoir-turned-film Eat, Pray, Love.

Located east of Java, Bali has the power to do just the thing. On the road to find yourself once more? Then step foot on the so-called Island of the Gods. The following reasons will tell you why.

1. Spirituality is the priority

Everyone knows that a trip to Bali is never complete without a visit to top Balinese temples. At the forefront is Besakih Temple, the largest and most important of all. Locals flock here, along with others like Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and Uluwatu Temple, to pray. If you are visiting Bali on a holiday, you can do the same in many of these Bali’s best spots for spiritual activities. If not to offer a prayer, you can opt to visit such places to relax and be one with your thoughts. The sunset views at Uluwatu, for one, are sometimes enough to make you at peace without even trying.

2. There are wellness activities galore

Nothing beats a good workout at a local gym to beat your relationship blues. But if you would rather stay still and reserve hardcore physical activities for later, sign up for a yoga, spa, or meditation time instead. There is an abundance of tours, as well as hotels and local centers in Bali that offer such activities as part of their amenities. Try a traditional Balinese massage. Or, go for the holy bathing ritual melukat. It is said to help cleanse your aura so you will feel rejuvenated long after your Balinese trip has ended.

3. Balinese nature at its finest

That nature has some sort of healing power is nothing new to travellers who fancy the outdoors. Even those who are used to big cities and buzzing crowds of people would agree. But the natural landscapes of the Indonesian province have something more to offer than just relaxing views. Jungles, rice terraces, and waterfalls like Tukad Cepung and Tibumana are practically made for you to trek about so you can embrace the experiences that await you in Bali’s natural wonders. Meanwhile, Balinese waters for swimming and dolphin watching are a quick bike ride away.

4. Crowd of fellow discoverers

Shutting off the rest of the world is pretty normal for anyone going through tough times. But at particular times, you might also need emotional support from other people—even those who you just happen to spend a hostel dorm with. Bali is perfect for both. Aside from sharing accommodation, joining Bali group tours, such as a quad bike adventure around Mount Batur or whitewater rafting at Ayung River, are a great way to make a new friend or two. Someone who can broaden your horizons and show you a different side of yourself you never would have known.

5. Eat your worries away

They say that eating good food alone can help take away negative emotions and replace them with positive energy. Balinese cuisine will not do just that, it can go as far as make you feel all sorts of different feelings that are equally rejuvenating. You may even find yourself too busy to think about anything other than how to recreate Balinese meals back at home. ayam pelalah (Balinese chicken) and nasi goreng (fried rice) are included, of course. It’s not just the food either, but where you consume them. Why not enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of a tranquil lagoon? Ah, paradise.

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