8 Secret Spots in Bali for Those Who Want to Escape Reality

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Secret Spots in Bali

As you read this, you are probably stressed, anxious, or bored with your humdrum routines. Work is eating you up, or your back is sore from studying until the wee hours of the morning. To that, we say: Plan a vacation. And not just any break. But a well-deserved holiday in Bali, one of Asia’s most beloved tropical islands. Sure, a paradise like Bali is epic when travelling with a group. But you should try beating the crowd and seek the secret spots in the Island of the Gods. You’ll have the time of your life experiencing all the activities people don’t usually frequent. Now, allow us to correct that.

Unique dining places in Bali that is the stuff of Hollywood

1. Row row row your boat gently down the…lagoon

Oh, we know – you are already excited about this. We don’t blame you. Relaxing with your nearest and dearest in the middle of a lagoon is something you’d only see in a Nicholas Sparks film. But you can do it right here in Banjar Nagi. 

You can even eat lunch while you’re at it. Savour every morsel of that grilled chicken, cheese sticks, and Balinese satay packed neatly in the provided picnic box. This charming Bali boat ride lasts an hour and a half, definitely enough time to admire the perfectly manicured garden surrounding the quiet water. 

2. Pretend you’re a Pixar character on a hot air balloon

Secluded spots in Bali include your very own place among the clouds. Okay, maybe not literally. But hopping on a hot air balloon will take you closer to the sky and above the sprawling rice fields and tropical forests of Ubud. Enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea, or dinner as you soar 50 metres above ground. 

If you are a sucker for the sunrise, you can catch it while having breakfast on the air balloon. But in case you’re not a morning person, chase the sunset instead while waiting to chow down on your dinner. Whichever you choose, do not forget to take photos while going up, up, and away.

3. Have a romantic dinner on a tree deck, you know you want to

Bali is full of intimate activities you mostly see in the movies. And that includes having a candle-lit dinner on a tree in the middle of a jungle. 

Now don’t worry. You’ll be seated comfortably on a large deck with a fancy dining arrangement. Candles and lanterns on the floor set the mood, while the chandeliers above illuminate the six-course meal you and your special someone are about to devour. With everything very private, a bottle of Balinese wine on hand, and a breathtaking view of rice terraces, what could be more magical than a night like this?

Locations where intimate Bali adventures await you

4. Gather around the campfire and sing the campfire song

Whether you are travelling a group, as a couple, or a solo traveller, camping out under the stars always feels like an otherworldly experience. Well-loved among the secluded spots in Bali, Mount Batur offers a 2-day camping escape in the tranquil village of Serongga.

Not only can you hang out and jam to a guitar by the campfire, but you can hike up the mountain to catch the sunrise. What awaits you at the summit is the natural hot spring you can take a dip in to soothe all the body aches from that long hike. Imagine that. You get to camp, hike, and enjoy a natural spring all in one adventure.

5. Travel Ubud in vintage style on a safari wagon

One word: Insta-worthy. Explore Ubud on a vintage VW safari car. Sport a fedora hat and feel like Indiana Jones as you take photos against your old-school transport. But more than that, this private wagon tour will introduce you to great green spaces, as well as the luxurious resort of Dua Dari. Here, indulge in an intimate Balinese lunch amidst a verdant valley. Talk about a nature escape.

6. Hop on an island scooter like the cool kids

You can’t visit an island paradise without renting a scooter. That’s one of the best ways to discover local villages at your own pace. Nusa Lembongan is one of the places in Bali where you can hop on a motorbike and lose track of time just following pathways for hours on end. The roads will lead you to quiet forests and coasts that will make you feel so in touch with nature, a full day on a scooter won’t be enough. 

It’s a good thing you can have your rented scooter delivered to your hotel to make things ten times more convenient. Not to mention, navigating your way to places like Panorama Point and Dream Beach on your own will make you feel more like a local and less like a stranger.

Bali’s spa facilities for your “me time”

7. There’s a first time for everything, including Shamanic Healing

We know what you’re thinking: What in the world is Shamanic Healing? It’s an eight-hour spiritual cleansing that lays you down as a shaman removes the negativity from your body, elevates your energy, and balances your chakra. 

How the exact process goes is a mystery for you to unravel. But we highly recommend you take a private tour to the Tirta Empul for this spiritual journey. This is the most renowned location to help purify your mind and body, but remember that it’s a holy site. So if you’re planning to add this to your Bali activities, follow all the rules your healer tells you to abide by. That includes momentarily forgetting all your problems to focus on yourself. Can you do it?

8. Follow Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps on the Eat, Pray, Love tour

Bookworms, we kid you not. The Eat, Pray, Love tour in Indonesia exists. You can trace the steps of your favourite author right here in Bali on a private spiritual tour. Your guide will take you to the same rice fields, and hillside vantage points that Elizabeth Gilbert encountered on her journey to rediscovery. 

Pro tip: Take it easy on your walking tour because you will also have a yoga class at Intuitive Flow for an hour and a half — and we all know that yoga isn’t as easy as it looks. The takeaway? The class will be in a studio with a generous view of lush trees and a mountain range. As effortful as the yoga may be, it’ll feel just as rejuvenating with the gorgeous scenery. Also, you get a free session with a fortune teller. Don’t let the chance to peek into your future slip away

Whether it’s a sweet boat ride or a Balinese soul retreat, these Bali activities don’t disappoint. Sometimes too, the best island life is found in unexpected places, like the secret spots in Bali you can only discover through various tours. Which one’s calling you?

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