8 Fun Things to Do in Bali Beyond the Beaches

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Fun Things to Do in Bali

Millions of travellers worldwide defy thousands of miles just to glimpse Bali’s idyllic, captivating beaches. Let’s just say that it’s easy and rather normal to get caught up in it. But what if we told you there’s a lot more to Bali than its crystal clear waters? If you haven’t ventured beyond its tranquil shorelines, don’t miss out. This article is your chance to cut off the touristy leash and let your passion for adventure dictate your next destination. From touring around the island on a convertible wagon to spiritual healing sessions, Bali will not leave you wanting in this list of fun things to do in Bali beyond the beaches.

1. Discover Bali’s less-travelled roads on a campervan

Ever dreamt of living a hippie life, even for only a while? Well, this one’s for you! Strap on your adventure belts and make your way around Bali in a campervan. Steer clear of the rugged traffic of the metro and coast along unpaved roads as you explore Bali’s countryside. See the Mount Batur sunrise from your van’s windows. Sip wine in the sunset at Amed. You could be travelling solo, with your family, friends, or your significant other – it doesn’t matter. You indeed will have the time of your life in this adventure.

2. Pull out your camera lenses for an Instagram tour

Bali is full of picturesque spots. Culture and history brim from every angle. It’s a photographer’s paradise, especially if you know where to look. With a tour that will take you to specific picture-perfect places, that won’t be a problem. Better put your A-game in dressing up for this curated Instagram-worthy journey. Embark upon the surreal sights of the famous split gate at Hindi Lempuyang Temple. Play the role of a goddess in the water features and gardens of Tirta Gangga. Tread along the other-worldly waterfalls of Tukad Cepung Cave. Take a snap at every stop and watch your followers gawk at your magazine-looking photographs.

3. Erase all stress in this zero gravity floatation therapy

To find your most profound inner thoughts, you must completely shut off every distraction. This immersive floatation therapy session will make your imaginations come alive in a state of unadulterated isolation. Inside the private pod that’s light- and sound-proof, you’ll reach a state of mental and physical tranquility that you’ve never had before. Remember, when the world around you has fallen silent, your voice is the loudest thing you can hear. If solace away from the stresses of life is what you’re searching for, this is it: a relaxation therapy like no other. 

4. Unravel Bali’s natural wonders in a walking tour

Deeper further inland of Bali’s tropical rainforests and rice fields, you can encounter many hidden gems and unspoilt natural wonders. In this adventure tour, you’ll trek, jump, and swim into a remote canyon’s thick greenery and cold streams. Count your steps and watch the rays of sunlight pierce through the fringing trees above. Explore Bali’s best-loved temples, starting with Goa Gajah, the elephant temple. Discover the amazing science behind the historical Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud. Don’t leave this out of your itinerary if you’re looking for a quiet, Indiana Jones-esque exploration.

5. Dance with pirates in a sunset dinner cruise

Love to be out at sea? If you’re open to a quirky dining extravaganza, consider boarding the Phinisi vessel at Bali. Savour a feast for your eyes and tummy as you gobble up on a scrumptious international buffet whilst basking under Bali’s tropical sunset. Breathe in the nighttime breeze on the top deck and join the locals as they perform live music and traditional Balinese dances. Now that’s an unorthodox nightcap story in Bali that your friends might not believe true, but it is certainly worth telling.

6. Roar the engines of an ATV in a volcanic driving adventure

Set your headgears locked and intact because it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. In this 2.5-hour quad bike tour, ride an ATV across the black lava sands of Mount Batur. Put your defensive driving instincts at ease; there’s no traffic here. All you’ll encounter are the breathtaking sights of vast mountains and volcanic roads. Before you head out, ask for some tips from the locals of Yeh Mampeh Village – your jump-off point. Make sure to pack some swimming attire, too. There are natural geothermal hot springs in the area that you might pass by, too.

7. Cleanse your overall well-being in a shamanic healing

Taking a Bali trip to detox? Here’s some good news: you don’t have to jostle with thousands of beach visitors to get your much-needed mental break. Head over to the Holy Spring Temple at Tirta Empul in Tampak Siring. Embark on an 8-hour spiritual journey with local healers. You can choose to elevate your Yagna, Mantra, and Yatra – the balancing elements of spiritual cleansing according to their practice. The locals call it “melukat”. Note that you don’t have to be one with their religious beliefs in order to revel in this soul purification. It’s a mind-soothing process nonetheless. Similar to this spiritual experience, you can also take a Hollywood-inspired Eat Pray Love Tour and bathe in the holy waters of Tirta Empul.

8. Learn Bali’s indigenous techniques of perfume concoction

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back home something more than memories and keepsakes? In a single perfume workshop session, you’ll learn the exotic recipes of Bali’s famed local fragrances. More than that, you will be taught to create your own signature scent and bring it home safely secured inside luxurious packaging.

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