7 Fun Activities for Bored Kids Cooped Up at Home

BY Joel Conceicao



7 Fun Activities in Singapore

Since the pandemic began, there’s been a lack of learning opportunities for high-energy kids. Restrictions had them all staying at home for large amounts of time. Throw in the cancellations of valuable field trips and activities, and it was no wonder many parents were frustrated that their little ones were missing out on learning all about the world. Thankfully, a sense of normality is returning to society. And fun educational activities are more or less back in full swing. Here are the best parent-child activities perfect for real-world learning experiences:

01. Learn about Changi Airport

Let your kids go behind-the-scenes of Changi Airport at the Changi Experience Studio. At the game station Arena, they can “work” as airport staff. Or they can visit the Garden of Harmony, where they can make music by moving their arms – according to Changi Airport Group, this represents the teamwork of the airport’s 50,000 strong community.

02. Make a beeline for a bee farm

Does your child like bees? Why not bring them to a local farm, where they can learn all about these winged insects from founder John Chong, who spent 37 years with the Ministry of Education. Fun fact: out of the 100 crop varieties that provide 90% of the world’s food, 71 get pollinated by bees — just one of the many things your kid can learn here.

03. Be intrigued by marine life

Hidden in plain sight is a world teeming with life, something you and your kiddo can discover at Changi Beach’s intertidal zone, the part of the coast submerged at high tide and exposed at low tide. Look out for Singapore’s surprisingly diverse and bizarre range of marine animals, like sea anemones, sea cucumber, sand dollars, crabs, and starfish.

04. Let it snow at Snow City

Heat and humidity are part of the Singaporean experience. But not at Snow City, where a snow-making machine produces 40 tonnes of snow daily, making it the ideal spot for your young’un to experience the arctic in the tropics. Here, they can throw snowballs, make snow angels, and learn about the real threat of climate change and global warming.

05. Catch turtle & tortoise fever

Did you know: The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum has the Guinness World Record for the most extensive collection of turtle and tortoise items? It is part of the charm of this family-friendly spot, where other than the zoo, kids can admire all sorts of shelled reptiles, including the world’s third-largest tortoise (the African spurred tortoise).

06. Visit a traditional fish farm

Once a fishing village, Singapore’s fish farms have been ever-present throughout the city’s development. But over the years, old, village-style methods were phased out. Let your child explore a local fish farm to see how this old-to-new journey took place, and to learn more about sustainable, high-tech fish farming at the same time.

07. Learn through play at Kiztopia

At Kiztopia, it’s all about playing to learn and learning through play, with parents and kids working together as a team. The massive 18,000 square foot space can fit up to 400 families and spans 18 play zones (including a café) with learning objectives for tots 12 years and below to develop skillsets like cooking or building their very own robots.

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