20 May 2022

Tarot Cards and Aura Readings: Who Knew It Could Be Life-Changing?

Forget fortune-telling and run-of-the-mill readings at Tarot Therapy. Here is one place where you can discover your best self and get some healing underway.


by Joel Conceicao A long-suffering Arsenal fan who will most likely reincarnate as a Himalayan goat.

Scepticism enveloped my mind. I was going to an aura reading for the first time, whatever that meant. My destination was Tarot Therapy, a service run by former air stewardess turned spiritual healer Pearlyn Siew. Here is where you could get tarot readings or aura readings or go full-on bohemian with yoga workshops and sound healings.

Honestly, I was far from convinced.

As I made my way up the elevator at PS100, a condo next to Oasia Hotel, where Pearlyn holds her sessions, a barrage of questions came to the fore.

What if I just get told what I want to hear? What if I got manipulated with generic answers that could fit any life situation? Am I an idiot for coming to this thing? What would my mother say?

But then, my first few moments with Pearlyn told me that I should keep an open mind. Just why I felt that way, I had no idea. Perhaps it was the sense of calm and mysticism she emanated. Perhaps, I was just curious about how professional tarot card readers work their magic. In any case, I gave it a go.

I told my sceptic mind to chill out.

After sitting down for about 20 minutes of aura reading, I was stunned.

Pearlyn proceeded to list and name drop events and experiences from my life that shaped how I was as a person while drawing my aura colours on an iPad. It was difficult not to feel emotional at some of the things mentioned. A lot of what was said was oddly specific, and it was stuff that only I knew about or was only starting to realise.

A tsunami of emotions began bubbling at the surface. It was like I got released from some imaginative chokehold holding me back. Chains that I didn’t even know existed began unravelling.

Mind. Blown.

And super weird at the same time. But I was thoroughly impressed.

Pearlyn has intuition that is seriously next level. And she has a certain tactfulness that makes it easy and compelling to listen to her. I felt as if I was listening to a wise philosopher from a Witcher-like or Game of Thrones universe and not a completely random stranger who I only met a few minutes ago.

However, what I found even more fascinating after chatting with Pearlyn, was that she was a sceptic herself before she started reading tarot cards and auras. She wanted to debunk what she thought was nonsense and prove how false tarot cards were. So, she did what she thought best. She decided to find out how they worked.

She tells me, “I thought, how can a few pieces of cards tell you anything at all? I think my misconception was that tarot cards were for future telling and divination. But the moment I learned my relationship with the cards, and how they were for self-inquiry and introspection, and for guidance and clarity, and not to ask of the future, it just clicked for me.”

Tarot cards were one thing. But I was still curious about how she picked up aura reading (aura reading is essentially a vibe check of the invisible fields surrounding an individual).

Was it a God-given skill? Or did she have to undergo strenuous mental exercises to elevate her mind in some Doctor Strange-like way? I discovered that Pearlyn didn’t always know she had a knack for accurate aura readings till a toxic work situation made her realise her gift.

“I remember this thing when I was trying to resign once, and my boss told me that you’re just too sensitive for the environment here. It felt like an attack. But thinking back, I understand why he said that also because I am sensitive to the environment that I’m in. If someone is unhappy, I will be able to catch on to that. I just didn’t know how to discern what feelings were mine and what feelings belonged to others.”

“Once I learned how to do that, I could see a room’s energy. And when I look at an individual now, I can see what they’re going through. I can feel the emotions and frustrations they might even be experiencing in their thoughts.”

As enlightening and perspective-changing as my readings were, it was also somewhat comforting to know that even a clairvoyant pro like Pearlyn had doubts about her abilities once upon a time, that she had doubts like we all do.

It was a sliver of hope that I one day could conquer my demons too.

What was also impressive is that Pearlyn is absolutely crystal clear that no matter how many resources she provides you with, you must be the one to make the moves. Nobody else can help you with your problems.

“I’ve heard so many stories. And I’m not here to judge you. I’m just here to hold space, have a conversation with you, help you through struggling situations.”

“That’s all I’m here to do. It’s not up to me to make the calls and judgments. I want to empower people to make decisions for themselves because we all have free will. And if you don’t feel empowered, it’s hard for you to do anything in many circumstances.”

I walked away from Tarot Therapy under no illusions that I would strike 4D or Toto the next day because of random future predictions or superstition. That’s not what my session was about.

Because I knew now that tarot cards or aura readings were not about finding out what the future holds for you. It was learning about yourself through introspection. And to take the first steps toward making a positive change. If you are looking for fortune-telling, you might want to look elsewhere. Tarot Therapy is not the place for that.

But it is a fabulous place to come with an open-mind to learn about yourself.

Do that, and it may be the new-age mental health tool that can change your life.

Book your tarot card reading or aura reading session today!

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