05 May 2022

How We Unlocked Our Chakra with Plant-Based Dining

There’s eating well. And then there’s eating to alleviate the pains of your body, mind, and soul. You can do both at Omm Home.


by Joel Conceicao A long-suffering Arsenal fan who will most likely reincarnate as a Himalayan goat.

“We walk too fast in the city,” Linda Hao of Omm Home said soothingly. “If you take the time to feel each step on the floor, you will wonder why you are rushing in the first place.”

As someone who does think a little too much, I found that by observing every footstep, my head became clear. Wow, I thought. Is this magic?

And that’s the beauty of eating at Omm Home. You expect a regular private dining session with a plant-based menu. But in between, you also get all these valuable trinkets of wisdom from the chef behind it all – Linda Hao, a former fashion designer and a new-age yogi that plans vegetarian meals centred around the chakra.

 “We put a lot of intention into our cooking, carefully balancing flavours inspired by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) philosophy.” 

Her zen home in Marina Parade certainly looks the part.

Tibetan prayer flags drape the windows overlooking East Coast Park. There is a poster detailing the various chakra points of the body. As I sat down waiting at the dining table, incense wafted delicately through the air, adding a mysticism you’d only expect to find in the Himalayas or a temple in Myanmar.

It is the most bohemian HDB flat I’ve ever visited.

As for the chakra-inspired menu itself, it’s all about engaging the senses. The concept was borne out of Linda teaching the chakra form of yoga. She felt that these focal points used in ancient meditation were vital to our existence as human beings. The trouble was that chakra wasn’t accessible to most people.

Coupled with a stressful and anxiety-riddled lifestyle that saw her replying to emails at 3am, she decided to make a positive change.

That’s how Omm Home and its plant-based menu came to fruition. Each two-hour dining focuses on sight, smell, and taste inspired by different focal points in the body. For instance, if the menu revolves around the heart, you can expect hearty food like hot chocolate to warm the body.

“Our body is nature. Our body is by itself a natural element. How you feel connected with the universe is to link the bridge between the outside world (food) and the inside world (your mind).”

Each dish I tried made me curious about which chakra I was targeting, which Linda nicely explained in simple terms. If anything, the plant-based menu felt much healthier than what I was used to (I guess there is a price to pay for becoming a Hai Di Lao gold member). 

Better still, there was no compromising on taste, which is something that usually turns people off from eating healthy. There was a clear emphasis on highlighting bold flavours – we had savoury dumplings, sour vinegar, and spicy ginger, along with a sesame dessert that was bitter and sweet.

According to Linda, it’s all about unlocking the flavours of life to fulfill your best potential in the most natural way possible with the most natural ingredients.

Another interesting about dining here is that there is a meditative aspect. The dinners help you foster a better understanding of yourself in a way that is not religious but philosophical.

 “Creating this private dining series is like a life story, bringing elements together and sharing it with people. I aim to help people not feel alone. Because we are never alone, we all have our experiences.”

Besides learning about how the body’s focal points get enhanced by a specific ingredient or dish during the dinner, you will partake in an opening meditation session and mini breathing workshop before your meal commences.

Other than conducting private dinners, Linda also runs sensory-based touch therapy sessions. Think guided meditation and visualisation exercises for you to learn how to enter a relaxed state of mind, something we all need once in a while, especially living in a stressful and fast-paced city like Singapore.

I’m definitely no expert on mindfulness, let alone a guru. But I felt a sense of ease after dining with Linda and learning more about my mental frame of mind.

Ultimately, Omm Home is not a place you go to for an upscale meal by a chef classically French- or Japanese-trained. You won’t get extravagant plating or fancy produce here.

What you do get is the chance to learn more about what you put in your body. And how that relates to your mind. It’s not about more, more, more. It’s about letting go of what you know and broadening your perspective on life while revising your relationship with food and yourself.

Book now to unlock your chakra today or reserve your somatic touch therapy session here.

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